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How to get started

Your first few steps are below. To learn about the whole journey, download the Exploration Guide

1. Register
Complete the short registration form to set up your Water Explorer team. You can register for Water Explorer if you’re a teacher, staff member or parent representing your school as authorised by the school’s Head Teacher. Community groups such as the Scouts and Guides are also very welcome!

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a login and password for yourself and separate limited access ones for your students. This will allow you to enter your team’s Mission Control area to access your team’s virtual reservoir and a fantastic range of fun and educational challenges.

2. Complete your surveys 
Before you embark on your Water Explorer expedition make sure you complete the student and teacher surveys. The student survey can be accessed vis the link on your team's homepage and the teacher survey is located within Mission Control. Surveys will take a few minutes of your time and ensure that the achievements and results of all of your hard work can be captured. You will need to complete one survey at the very beginning and one at the end of the programme.

3. Plan your Water Explorer Expedition
Use the Mission Dossier and resources provided in Mission Control to form your team and plan your water expedition.

Planning combines two important aspects: what you are going to do and also, importantly, how you are going to go about doing it (see Water Explorer Values)

4. Accept a Mission and complete Challenges
Once your team is ready you can start embarking on Challenges which are grouped into four water-based Mission areas.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs

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