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Flushed Away
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Posted by Vicarstown NS, Ireland on 30 November 2016
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One of the older cisterns with a homemade water saving device!
One of the older cisterns with a homemade water saving device!

On Monday, all children on our committee enjoyed a Water Explorer’s workshop. As part of this workshop, we designed our own challenge Flushed Away with Aoife from Water Explorer’s.

First our committee was split into two groups, each group had to mark toilets on a school map. In total, we have 10 toilets in our school. Next, we calculated the volume of each cistern. Most of our toilets have new dual flushes which only use 3/6 litres of water for each flush but three toilets are old and use from 6-15 litres for each flush. The next step was to estimate the number of toilet flushes in a day/week which was done by calculating how many people had access to a particular toilet. This allowed us to compute the total volume of water used by each toilet each week.   Our school uses 529 litres of water each day and 3716 litres of water in toilet flushing each week.

Aoife also told us all about water saving devices and told us why hippos weren’t particularly suitable for Irish toilets, therefore we decided to put our own home-made watersaving devices in the old toilets. We filled three 500ml bottles with water and placed one in the staff toilet which uses approx 15 litre in each flush.

We have estimated that this will save 392 litres of water each week. However it was difficult to place them in the prefab toilets as the lid was bolted down. Our principal will try to get the lids off later. We are lucky that these toilets are rarely used, when we manage to put our water saving device in these toilets, we will increase our water saving by 16.5 litres each week. We took photographs to prove our integrity and responsibility in this mission.

Niamh and Ryan spoke to each class about water saving devices and secret water wastage. They also explained the measures our school has taken to decrease water wastage, this should increase each child’s awareness about the threats to our water and possible solutions to this problem. They encouraged pupils to bring the water conservation message home and explained how easy it was for them to save water by putting 500ml bottles filled with water in old cisterns. This act shows care and commitment to the water conservation in our environment.

Thanks for a great day Aoife, we learned so much about water conservation and look forward enthusiastically to our next challenge.



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