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Flood Collage
Posted by Kiltegan National School, Ireland on 30 November 2016
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Flood Collage
Flood Collage

We have been studying our nearest neighbour (the UK) in Geography. They had some really bad flooding last week, while it has been very dry here.  We got talking about climate change and floods.  While the sea levels are rising in some places because of people's impact on the environment,  in other places, like Israel, it is too hot and there are forest fires.  These are hard to put out because of water shortages.

Meanwhile on one of the main routes to our school the Council has been putting in new drains so that the winter storms cannot flood the roads as it has done for the last 3 winters making it hard for some of us to reach the school.

We made this collage to remind us of the contrasting water conditions around the world.  Too much or too little water is a real problem.

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