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Filtering Muddy Water
Posted by Rathlee NS, Ireland on 12 January 2018
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Filtering muddy water
Filtering muddy water

We brought in bottles of muddy/dirty water from home. We made a funnel by cutting a bottle, one third for  a funnel and the other two third as a container for the clean water. We used a tissue as a filter. The first time we used 1 layer of tissue and the water was a little bit cleaner. The second time we used a double layer of tissue and it was quite clear, the third ime we used 3 layers of tissue and it looked  clear but the 4th time using 4 layers of tissue it  was really clear.

The results of the filtering were very successful and the water looked good enough to drink but we would have to boil it before we could drink it to kill all the bacteria, otherwise, we could get sick.

All the pictures of this experiment can be seen on our school blog: Rathlee N.S. blog



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