During the expedition your team:

  • touched the lives of 1020 people
  • worked with 146 people along the way  
  • convinced 168 people to do something water smart
  • saved 60 litres of water being wasted - that’s enough drinking water for 92 people for a year!

Together you and the other teams in your country have:

  • touched the lives of 35306  of your neighbours
  • worked with 20121 friends and family along the way  
  • convinced 2520 to change the way they use water
  • saved 10892 litres from being wasted - that’s enough water to produce  249 kgs of wheat!

Well done! Your team are exemplar Water Explorers! Have a think about what you can do to go even further - can you use your knowledge and expertise to help others achieve what you have?

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Pesciolini,gamberetti e cavallucci marini
Mission Progress
Fresher WaterComplete!
Secret Water
activity incomplete
activity incomplete
activity incomplete
Global WaterComplete!
Precious Water
activity complete
activity complete
activity incomplete
Team of the Month2
Your school has
Reached out to 1020 people
Got 146 people involved
Changed the way 168 people use water
That’s 3030 points, 30 m3 of water saved - well done!
Pesciolini,gamberetti e cavallucci marini
Pesciolini e gamberetti
Italy is proud of our total 47270 points
This school has Reached out to 1020 people Got 146 people involved Changed the way 168 people use water
Festival dell
Posted by Pesciolini e gamberetti, Italy on 12 June 2018
Avremmo tante altre foto da mostrare!

Abbiamo dedicato diversi giorni al nostro Festival. Abbiamo cominciato il 31 maggio con la visione del film "Le meraviglie del mare", abbiamo poi proseguito il 5-6 e 7 giugno esponendo i poster e cartelloni che abbiamo realizzato durante l'anno ed illustrandoli ai nostri compagni sia più picc

Il festival dell’acqua sul lago a Trevignano!
Posted by The boys of the lake, Italy on 7 June 2018
La squadra Savers of water è il vincitore nazionale del progetto water Explorer!
Posted by InEuropa srl on 6 June 2018
Posted by INEUROPA SRL on 22 May 2018
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