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Experimenting with filters
Posted by Sri Vishnu Primary, South Africa on 9 June 2015
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Which one would you drink??
Which one would you drink??

Our Water Explorer team was visited by one of the WESSA staff Bridget, who shared with us the interesting and costly process of getting our water clean and drinkable. We all agreed that we would never consider drinking water from our local rivers the Msunduzi or Umgeni as they are so polluted. People even joke about getting' duzi guts' from the Duzi river... so pollution is no joke here. We never realised how much effort and money and time and energy goes into purifying our water... We then did an experiment where we had to try and design a water filter that would clean some really dirty water the best. Bridget joked and said the challenge was on, as we would then have to drink our water that we had filtered. It was really interesting to see which filter did the best job, you can see for yourself... it depends on the type and order of the materials that you use! Our girls team was the best! ;-)

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