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Stinky Stream
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Posted by John Wesley School -Eshowe, South Africa on 10 June 2015
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We tested the water at our town
We tested the water at our town's stream

We went to the stream that runs through Eshowe.  It goes through our forest and through our town.  It was smelly.  We dipped some water to find living creatures.  We just found one animal and it is a rat-tailed maggot.  It is the larva of a hoverfly.  There was no other living thing in the water that we could see.  It is usually found in places that have sewage.  This water smells like sewage.  We think our stream is polluted.  We have to go tell the people in the town offices that our water is not clean.  We really washed our hands well when we came back from that stream.

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