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Global Water - Drenched or Dry
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The making of Drenched or Dry - Our Flood vs Drought Collage
The making of Drenched or Dry - Our Flood vs Drought Collage

Our challenge was to create a 'flood collage'  looking at the effects and causesof flooding and drought locally. A group of Grade 10 learners decided to take on the task and learnt a whole lot of interesting things in the process. 

The class was divided into groups and each group had a significant task to carry out and research (using books, newspaper articles and the internet). Insead of printing or using paper we decided to take on a more 'environmental awareness' approach and used technology to find pictures of drought and floods in and around our country.  Once the girls' had collected pictures they emailed them through and together we created a floods vs drought collage - using various pictures of how floods and droughts effect the environment, people, economy.  We also watched two uTube video clips - one on the water cycle and the other on how global warming and climate change has an effect on flooding and the water cycle.

Once the collage was put together we projected it onto the board as a powerpoint (we wanted to save as much paper as we could) and from there on we added our information we had gathered.  This information included the causes and prevention methods of floods and droughts; Diseases from floods and interesting facts of both floods and droughts.  One group researched where droughts and floods occured across South Africa and they drew a map of South Africa on the white board and labelled the date and place where that drought/flood had occured. In the process they learned about jthe location of certain places in South Africa which they had never heard of.  The class managed to see that floods were more frequent than droughts and they looked at the reasons why. 

During the collaboration of information on the board the girls' were really amazed at how flooding and drought effect not only people but the environment at large. They were amazed to see how humans were contributing to the disruption of the natural process of the water cycle and our addition to global warming.  They saw education as being on of the most important methods of prevention. This research brought in a lot of questions from the girls and they were very interested in all that they were doing. It brough on many different emotions - some girls' were sad to see how floods and drought effected the poor and some girls' were very angry that humans are making these events harsher. They class worked so well together in putting all this information and research into one collage. The water explorer values - discussion questions were spoken about and they girls' really voiced their opinions and insight, they really learnt valuable lessons from doing these tasks. 

We after we had finished discussing it as a class our Collage on the board was open to girls who wanted to come and have a look.  The number of people who have seen the collage so far is approximately 70 and appoximately 55 who have interacted with the collage.


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