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Stop that drip
Posted by Phumelelani Primary, South Africa on 30 January 2018

Phumelelani school started the year off with a welcomed visit by Julia, the ACT Water Explorer facilitator. Unfortunately, her visit accidentally coincided with sports day and the excited children were too busy outside racing their mates than indoors crunching numbers doing a water audit.

All; however, was not lost and after breakfast, the keen Water Explorer team came to hear all about the new exciting new developments happening in the Water Explorer National South African program. Using bottled with blue-dyed water to represent the percentage of fresh water on the earth, the children were shocked to discover that only 0.3% of freshwater is available as potable water for us to drink. ‘Water is a collective resource’, teacher Sebe Mbele stressed, ‘water scarcity in one area affects another’ Using a visual representation is a great way to get the children thinking about water availability and other abstract concepts.

After a short water review, the children then got their calculators out to measure the water lost in a leaky jojo tank…hope this grave message is a call to action. Watch this space..

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