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WE use water dispensers in the classroom to save water
Posted by Shea O'Connor Combined, South Africa on 3 August 2018
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As the water explorer team we saw that water was being wasted by learners at our school by doing these activities e.g. drinking water using their hands and leaving the tape open. Another problem that raised was that when learners would use their own juice bottles for drinking water, they would bring illegal substances and alcohol in them.

With this in mind we as the water explorer team consulted the school Governing Body and teachers with a proposal of getting water dispensers in each and every classroom and a few cups to drink with in order to stop learners using their hands. We saw this as a solution to this problem of water being wasted.

Before we did an experiment of calculating the average water being wasted by calculating the amount of water that was being wasted from drinking under a running tap using your hands and that it was about 2.5l of water per minute being wasted.

The water dispensers plan we proposed was approved by these stakeholders (school governing body, parents and teachers) and that for each class now contains a water dispenser and cups to drink with.

We are very proud that we have stood up for this challenge and saved water with the help of the school Governing Body. Our dream as the water explorers to save water, have indeed become a reality.

By: Sandile Ngubane and Brendon Chataika Grade 11

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