South Africa
What water do we use?
Posted by St Nicholas Diocesan School, South Africa on 25 June 2015
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Grade 4C took a survey home to find out how their families use or abuse water resourses in their daily lives. Their surveys were returned to school and as a class the results were recorded. Using this information, the children designed and made little books or leaflets to give water saving tips or i

Virginia Prep saves water
Posted on 24 June 2015
Eco Monitors checking that all is well.
The secret is out!
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Posted on 22 June 2015
Our "human" picture
Global Water - Drenched or Dry
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Posted on 22 June 2015
The making of Drenched or Dry - Our Flood vs Drought Collage
Why do children take lead in Water Explorer
Posted on 21 June 2015
Drought is here
Posted by The Birches, South Africa on 20 June 2015
Drought Reality
Posted on 19 June 2015
Hard Facts
Educator's Swap
Posted on 19 June 2015
Jersey Swap
clean that water
Posted on 16 June 2015
Water filtration
Clean that water
Posted on 16 June 2015
Letters, poems and writing about saving water and the importance of water - own challenge - precious water
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Posted on 16 June 2015
Nostalgia - a water poem
A huge wave of thanks to Bridget Ringdahl
Posted on 15 June 2015
Bridget Ringdahl pouring words of motivation into the ears of Water Explorers at Wyebank Secondary School
First Water Festival in South Africa
Posted on 15 June 2015
The Water Warriors Welcome you to their Water Fest!
What Part of Turning Water into Toxic Sludge Makes Sense?!
Posted by Water Explorer SA on 12 June 2015
Once you frack you cant go back!
very nice veg
Posted on 12 June 2015
Making ever drop count
Posted by junagarth road primary school, South Africa on 11 June 2015
Every drop does count!
Stinky Stream
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Posted on 10 June 2015
We tested the water at our town's stream
Visit to the great man made water filter
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Posted by Hawkstone Primary School, South Africa on 9 June 2015
All of this water supplies Pietermaritzburg and Durban!
Experimenting with filters
Posted by Sri Vishnu Primary, South Africa on 9 June 2015
Which one would you drink??
How much P & N in the Water?
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Posted by Heather Secondary School, South Africa on 9 June 2015
Measuring dissolved oxygen of the Bainespruit

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