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Congratulations to Headley Park for being awarded National School of the Month for the UK. They have been brilliantly focused and completed a large amount of challenges in a short space of time. They have got the whole school involved in creating tie dye shirts and a potato growing contest. Keep up the amazing work!
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Beaconhurst's Water Swapping Water Festival
Posted on 7 June 2017

We had a great time last week at Beaconhurst School in the beautiful Bridge of Allan in Scotland. The Beaconhurst Water Warriors signed up to Water Explorer after a survey of their fellow students and the local community showed that they’d like the school to focus on tackling Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals – access to clean water and sanitation.

Throughout the year this group of Water Explorers have worked hard to share the water saving message with the rest of their school, and have got creative in the process! They’ve made a colourful display with water saving pledges from the whole of Senior School, visited Primary school classes to help them to understand how precious our water is (this included helping them to grow sprouts using just the right amount of water), held a ‘guess the volume of water’ competition to raise money for the Oxfam Haiti Hurricane Appeal, and ran a post-hurricane scenario activity to transport and filter water.

During our visit, the students wrote and performed some fantastic raps about water, and tried out the ‘A Day in the Life’ challenge – where they thought about how access to water varies in different countries.

At lunch time, we joined the Explorers for the Main Event – their Water Swapping Water Festival! The team (and some extra helpers!) had spent time advertising their Water Swap around the school, putting posters up asking students to bring in things from home that they no longer wanted, so that they could swap them for something else during the Water Swap. The Explorers all understood that by swapping items, instead of throwing them away and buying something brand new, they were saving the ‘secret water’ in those items. Continuing the Secret Water theme, the Explorers also ran a quiz during their Water Festival, asking people to guess how much secret water is in the foods we eat.

Well done Beaconhurst Water Warriors on a wonderful water saving Water Festival!


Local Partner Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan UK (GAP UK) is an environmental behaviour change charity that has been helping people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles for over 20 years. GAP UK works with schools, communities and businesses to develop and deliver programmes that change behaviours. 

GAP UK led the design of the global WaterExplorer programme and is coordinating its delivery across the 11 countries. You can find out more about us at www.globalactionplan.org.uk 

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